Writing our Thoughts

Another First

Another First I see it as your foot skips over, its tail whisks and snaps as it rushes into the safety of the brush. It’s our second walk in the forest this week he and I. Happiness pours into my soul knowing he wants to spend more time with me! "Stop!" I say a little too hurriedly, excited about our find, never really knowing when a sighting will take place.... Read more →


Delphi Is there a magnet drawing me to you? I walked down the hill to the Tholos, rounded a corner and there you were Tears flowed unchecked down my cheeks Even though I was still asleep at that first encounter, my spirit knew you My soul remembered Tears of recognition, tears of joy came unbidden How my soul rejoiced! Memories of times past, of sacred rituals floated at the edge... Read more →

Where I'm From

Where I’m From I’m from creators and tinkerers. I’m from dilettantes and demigods. I’m from demolitionists and destroyers. I’m from musicians and mentalists. I’m from stoics and strangers. I’m from teachers and hoarders. I’m from churches that nourish, and withhold. I’m from perfectionism, taught without tenderness. I’m from people who do what they are told. I’m from people who won’t. I‘m from landowners. I’m from settlers, and from the unsettled;... Read more →