Minutes of our Meetings

December 13, 2019 ~ Supplements +

Ten of us were present yesterday; that included our guest, Kim. At the start of the meeting, we reviewed our 'Rules' and had her introduce herself to us. LB was the only one who did not already know her, at least casually. I called for any Leftovers but we had none. Then we turned the conversation over to Irma who facilitated our discussion on Supplements. Her primary resource was Consumer... Read more →

November 22, 2019 ~ no specific topic ~ energy wk contacts

There were 7 of us present today. In Leftovers, we accepted Irma's emailed offer to facilitate our next discussion on The Consumer Reports issue on Supplements. We have no specific topic today so I brought up December dates, first. We voted to meet on the 13th, and NOT to Meet on the 27th of December. Mel suggested variations on the subject of loss as we age: of people and abilities... Read more →

November 8, 2019 ~ Book Discussion: "...And a Time to Die

In old business, LB suggested that we call this section "Leftovers". We liked that, so now we have No old business; only Leftovers. There were 8 of us present today. Most of us have now seen the email from NH, who has withdrawn from our group. I will miss her presence and her energy in this group. In Leftovers, we decided to table any conversation about adding new members for... Read more →

October 25, 2019 ~ Identity Politics

There were 5 of us here today. I took NO notes, so this "minutes" article will be extremely short! We agreed that labels can sometimes be helpful in making generalizations, or in our earlier years as we were learning about who we are and finding our tribes. And we agreed that more often than not, all these labels and all this "political correctness" separats us and increass the divide between... Read more →

October 11, 2019 ~ More on enlarging group; Vaccines; topics; Mental Health

Six of us were present for this meeting. In Old Business we continued our discussion on adding members. Two new points were made, neither of which I had ever considered. LB told us that there would/could come a point at which the size of the group alone could cause her to self-censor. She appreciates the intimacy we now have and is concerned that too large a group could lose that... Read more →

September 27, 2019 ~ "Bright Minds"

...and more Newbies discussions. It seems that our/my interest in growing this group is giving us quite a bit of fodder for conversation, and possibly some growth of our/my own. I do find that I am looking a little deeper into just what 'connection' means to me and how and by whom that might be facilitated. One idea about our Social Event, should we have one: that we make it... Read more →

September 13, 2019 ~ reading what we wrote - newbies

In old business we continued the discussion on how to assimilate new members. We do agree that we would like to grow a bit more, but we also have taken note of the increasing level of intimacy that exists in the group as it is now. We think that a social event outside of a Salon meeting might be a good way to accomplish this purpose, by letting newbies and... Read more →

August 23, 2019 ~ Welcome Angie; Writing Memoirs; Other types of writing

We had 7 of us present for the meeting yesterday. We are happy to welcome Ang to the group; we spent a little time on introductions, and on covering a few of our 'rules' for her. We also spent time on "Old" business, but I made no notes on that. Among things that came up, I remember suggesting that we have another social event; maybe the nerf ball battle opportunity... Read more →

August 9, 2019 ~ Happy Healthy Dead

Short minutes for today! NE facilitated the discussion on Happy Healthy Dead. Some of her information comes from a book called Goddesses Never Age, by Christiane Northrup, M.D. I like this quote that appeared on her page when I found the link under her name: "True health is only possible when we understand the unity of our minds, emotions, spirits, and physical bodies and stop striving for perfection.” This theory... Read more →

July 26, 2019 ~ Discussing Newbies; Balance

In old business, we discussed Rules; whether & how to add more women; and confidentiality as it applies to the blog. Each member of the group answered several questions (in an email) about these specific things. Each member let me know, as acting recording secretary, how they want to be mentioned in the blog. All posts have been edited to accommodate these requests. We confirmed our Rules, and I have... Read more →

July 12, 2019 ~ The Dinner and a Show

What a fun event. I suspect we'll do this, and other social things more often. One I've thought of is the Ropes Course in town! Or an afternoon during which we explore our trust issues with a series of games...? We watched Antonia's Line together, then discussed our thoughts about it over dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed both. We agreed that Antonia exemplified some of our own ideas of what makes... Read more →

June 28, 2019 ~ Antonia's Line; Sleep; & Euthanasia

We did not make quorum for this meeting, but since we never established any guidelines for such stuff, we just carried on. Made decisions and everything! The business part of the meeting included talking about the film Antonia's Line that we will watch at our next meeting on July 12, 2019. As a group, we had not really thought through the idea of watching a film and trying to discuss... Read more →

June 14, 2019 ~ Sleep

Another great meeting. I just LOVE this little sisterhood we're building!! In new business this week, we shared a little energy with LB who was absent with an illness. We celebrated NE's absence because she's hosting grandchildren! And we missed NW and Jessica. NW is also hosting grandchildren. What a great way to spend time. I'll just say, "Let us know if we should ship you some extra energy!!" We... Read more →

May 24, 2019 ~ Hope as Present Tense

We are having such interesting conversations around our Topics of the Day, that our recording secretary (namely, me!) is becoming quite lax about taking notes! Today's topic was facilitated by NE who asked us to consider Hope. I've extracted this from the email she sent before the meeting: The topic is "Hope as Present Tense." As food for thought, here is a quote from Desmond Tutu that I find profound.... Read more →

February 22, 2019 ~ First Meeting! Rules

Our First Meeting They will be held on 2nd and 4th Fridays at my house, from 3:00 to 4:30. We set a timer. We spent this meeting speaking about why I called for it. And why each answered the call. We're all interested in aging until we die, and we recognize that this is often tricky. We spent some time introducing ourselves to each other. We talked about possible Topics... Read more →

March 8, 2019 ~ Still very new; Pain mgmt

Our second meeting....still feeling our way NWH had attended a presentation on Opioid Addiction and shared some of what she learned. Several shared experiences they had had. Our group seems fairly well committed to avoiding those drugs already. Kate H. had attended a presentation on Pain Management and shared some of that talk with us. A couple of suggestions that we liked were journalling to track pain and identify patterns... Read more →

March 22, 2019 ~ What Matters Most

Early days; still. Not many notes. Kate facilitated our topic today, asking us What Matters Most, and What no longer Matters. NWH could not attend, but she texted her comments on the subject and I read that text at the meeting. Her comments struck most of us so I repeat them here: "...what matters to me is to have meditative/contemplative conversations with my body, spirit and soul to create a... Read more →

April 12, 2019 ~ Loss; housekeeping

Six of us were here today. We have an ongoing discussion regarding how big this group 'should' be. And we discovered that I had inadvertently left Kate off our email list! oops! Fixed! Some of us agreed that we would like to know the topic for discussion before we meet and some want a reminder of the meeting itself, since we meet on 2nd and 4th Fridays, instead of every... Read more →

April 26, 2019 ~ Looking Back - or not...

Kate H added 3 topics to our list. They are already in the Topics post of this blog, so I will not repeat them here. Jessica provided a link to Care Bearers, a transportation service organized by Creative Aging. To access this service, call 575-258-1730. I can't find a link to this service... Creative Aging was founded and is run by Clara Farah. NWH facilitated our topic this week, choosing... Read more →