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Be Yourself; Be authentic; Just Be...

"What advice does she have for people who feel judged and crave the societal approval that she craved for years? Post-pandemic, how do you avoid going back to a life that doesn’t feel quite right? “Notice that, when you’re not yourself because you want people to like you, you hate your life. There’s this idea called “the empty elevator”. Say you don’t like your life on the floor that you’re on and you want to go to a higher perspective … When you get in the elevator, not many people are going to come with you. So you get in anyway and you might be thinking: ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake. No one wanted to come with me. I’m all alone in this elevator.’ And then you get to your new level, the doors open and you find a room of people who are excited for you to be exactly where you wanted to be.”

..."So be true to yourself. Let yourself be seen as quirky or odd. Then the relationships you create with people will be real and solid and indestructible.”

from this article...
The coach in the article is Martha Beck.

I don't really have a thing for Oprah or for the coaching industry as it has evolved...
well, I haven't really looked at any of today's professional Coaches, in spite of studying and graduating from that training.

What this is talking about is learning to give up control. I don't do that well...yet.