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January 24, 2020 - Holding Space

Seven of us were present this week. 
As frequently happens, I was engaged in the conversation and took no notes! mea culpa. 
In our meeting, NE facilitated a discussion on Holding Space. We didn't all have an idea of just what that means, and some of us interpret it a little bit differently. But I think that by the end of the day we agreed that we do, indeed, hold space: for each other in this group; in our families; very often with our animals; and certainly when/where we become aware of needs within our circles.
We demonstrated that by lighting a candle and pointing some healing energy in Ang's direction. 
(Hope you're much better, now, Ang!)
And, we are doing it now, in our own ways, as we empathize with the pain Revin & Angela are feeling now over Rose's death.

Two others of our Salon family members are experiencing some pain in their biological families, but frankly, I get my two groups mixed up, and don't know, in this case, who knows what. So I'll just say that it is NOT necessary to know all the particulars of someones' circumstances, or even who they are, to Hold Space and wish/pray for peace, health, clarity, etc. Our intentions toward love are really all that is needed.  So spread a little around when you feel the inclination.

Irma was back for the first time since her Christmas trip and brought with her Mexican Dia de los Muertos tiles for us.
Thanks, Irma. That was sweet, and very nice to know you thought of us while you were away. Welcome home.
Every Act a Ceremony is a article I posted on our links page a few weeks ago. I brought it up again and was happy to see that it didn't freak anyone out. :)  In fact, we created a little one then and there with a candle-lighting and some silence for Angie. Kate had also shared with me a little circle that she & Mel shared with friends in Texas. She told us about that, and we practiced it at the close of our meeting. I loved it! I think we all did.
We're not creating a religion, or even a little cult, but I like that we may bring a bit of ceremony to what we do here.
Please feel free to comment further here or in the group about your feelings on this subject.


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I miss being with you all at Salon. But I’ve felt you holding space with me. Thank you.
I look forward to being with you in February.

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