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November 22, 2019 ~ no specific topic ~ energy wk contacts

There were 7 of us present today.

In Leftovers, we accepted Irma's emailed offer to facilitate our next discussion on The Consumer Reports issue on Supplements.

We have no specific topic today so I brought up December dates, first.
We voted to meet on the 13th, and NOT to Meet on the 27th of December.

Mel suggested variations on the subject of loss as we age: of people and abilities most specifically.
Revin did facilitate a discussion on similar issues back in April of this year. I did not make many notes, so a re-reading of that post won't help much.
I suspect we will/may notice other things as we continue this process of dying. When it's right for us, it will bubble up, I suspect.

We learned a little more about Angie today when she talked a bit about Reiki and energy work. She and Mel have connected on this subject, and Angie has offered to tell us more when that seems like the topic-of-the-day.
LE offered information about acupuncture. Angie mentioned Core Synchronicity and Chelsea Arbogast, and I mentioned Reflexology and Sonya Loya. 

Energy Work is on the topics list now, along with a couple of other new ones, but don't limit your thinking to what is on it!
If something is hollering for your attention, tell us about it.

Here is contact information for the practitioners mentioned above:
Acupuncturist in Roswell:
    Dr. Keely Holder, Dr. of Oriental Medicine

Core Synchronicity in Ruidoso
    Practitioner Chelsea Arbogast
    email [email protected]

Reflexology & Ionic Cleanse in Ruidoso:
    Practitioner Sonya Loya

LE suggested a game: we each wrote on a piece of paper 2 true things we did from our childhoods, then the group would guess who. It was fun and funny. Some were a little obvious and some were a total surprise!
Bowling was mentioned - the styles of 'throwing' discussion brought laughter! - and we learned that Mondays is Locals Night = Half Price Bowling!

We agreed that we like to play from time to time...  play being a veerrryy broad subject.


The Cure for Toxic Positivity

The Cure for Toxic Positivity is an article by Rebecca Renner, a journalist and fiction writer who's bylines include the Washington Post, Paris Review, and Tin House.

I've wondered if I am just naturally contrary partly because my mind leaps to "evaluate" words, sentences & thoughts for their energy content. And because I had not seen/heard anyone talking about too much positivity. This article, then, was encouraging. Many commenters felt the same, and some pointed to books and other articles.  As a result, I've learned there are Many more such resources for those interested.
And I've got one more reason to trust my intuition.   :)

Another First

Another First

I see it as your foot skips over, its tail whisks and snaps as it rushes into the safety of the brush.

It’s our second walk in the forest this week he and I. Happiness pours into my soul knowing he wants to spend more time with me!

"Stop!" I say a little too hurriedly, excited about our find, never really knowing when a sighting will take place. "Be still, easy, don’t move too fast", I whisper, as I slowly creep to spy its resting place. My motion is quick and steady as I lock my fingers around it as gently as possible, not allowing it to slip away. As I stand holding our prize he reaches quickly without hesitation, wrapping his tiny little fingers around its wiggling body, the look on his face is of stunned exhilaration.

"Nana, it’s my first time to hold a snake."
"Hold him gently but firmly behind his head and allow his tail to wrap around your wrist; now he is secure, as you are when your feet are planted firmly on the ground."

Our firsts started eight years ago when I watched him unfold out of the safety of all he knew. Looking like a little Pterodactyl his limbs long and skinny grasping for that safety, just as the snake hanging in midair tips his tail to connect with that which he knows.

We find many more prizes on our short excursion that day, each one gently scooped up and released, and with each find I remind him,

“With gratitude thank them for their presence and your connection with them, for mother earth has many gifts to share.”

 And for the second time that week he skips along the path and tells me “you’re my spiritual Nana”.

He and I we have many things to teach each other.  We have many more firsts ahead of us. Some will be grand and some will be small, but with each one my heart and soul will be as full as the first!


Angie    September 2019

November 8, 2019 ~ Book Discussion: "...And a Time to Die

In old business, LB suggested that we call this section "Leftovers". We liked that, so now we have No old business; only Leftovers.

There were 8 of us present today.
Most of us have now seen the email from NH, who has withdrawn from our group.
I will miss her presence and her energy in this group.

In Leftovers, we decided to table any conversation about adding new members for the near future. We may (or Not) revisit this topic in the Spring.

Revin facilitated our discussion today.
The book, "...And a Time to Die" is a collection of essays about various specific people who have been/were dying in hospitals.
Probably the most important takeaway, and one we know already, is to have an advocate with you if/when you have to be involved in a hospital.

The book reiterates the need for better training and understanding among medical professionals, and a greater understanding of the Hospice environment. Mel and Kate, having worked in Hospice in Texas, had some valuable personal anecdotes that added to our understanding. I'm still surprised by how many doctors simply do not 'believe' in Hospice.  (reminds me of politicians!)
These attitudes are further proof that one must have legal paperwork ready and already in place with doctors, etc., and that your advocate should have bulldog qualities. 

Before adjourning, we spoke of the next meeting and possible topics. We left it for the moment, and are thinking (in her absence!) that NE may take it. I seem to remember that she had a topic in mind already.  You'll be notified by email with topic and facilitator before the next meeting.

October 25, 2019 ~ Identity Politics

There were 5 of us here today.  I took NO notes, so this "minutes" article will be extremely short!

We agreed that labels can sometimes be helpful in making generalizations, or in our earlier years as we were learning about who we are and finding our tribes.  And we agreed that more often than not, all these labels and all this "political correctness" separats us and increass the divide between people who ascribe to different labels.

The conversation was rich and engaging. I'm sorry you missed it.
I'd apologize for not taking notes, but then I'd have missed something, too. 

Revin stepped up to volunteer for the following meeting, discussing a book called ...AND A TIME TO DIE: How America Hospitals Shape the End of Life.