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Delphi Is there a magnet drawing me to you? I walked down the hill to the Tholos, rounded a corner and there you were Tears flowed unchecked down my cheeks Even though I was still asleep at that first encounter, my spirit knew you My soul remembered Tears of recognition, tears of joy came unbidden How my soul rejoiced! Memories of times past, of sacred rituals floated at the edge... Read more →

Where I'm From

Where I’m From I’m from creators and tinkerers. I’m from dilettantes and demigods. I’m from demolitionists and destroyers. I’m from musicians and mentalists. I’m from stoics and strangers. I’m from teachers and hoarders. I’m from churches that nourish, and withhold. I’m from perfectionism, taught without tenderness. I’m from people who do what they are told. I’m from people who won’t. I‘m from landowners. I’m from settlers, and from the unsettled;... Read more →

September 27, 2019 ~ "Bright Minds"

...and more Newbies discussions. It seems that our/my interest in growing this group is giving us quite a bit of fodder for conversation, and possibly some growth of our/my own. I do find that I am looking a little deeper into just what 'connection' means to me and how and by whom that might be facilitated. One idea about our Social Event, should we have one: that we make it... Read more →

Ending it Well: Missives from Inside the Death Wellness Movement

"The death wellness movement is about facing hard choices openly and mindfully. For author Leslie Krongold, this has been a very personal exploration." This article by Leslie Krongold, Ed.P, was published in August of this year, and is pertinent to many of the things we talk about withing our group. The article was suggested by Jessica in a comment on another post. Ms. Krongold is writing about her own journey... Read more →

HBO's "Alternate Endings" explores 6 the of the new ways to die in America.

This article/review is relatively short and quite interesting. The documentary follows Dick Shannon, his wife and family, and 5 other families of people making preparations for their approaching deaths. Do you know what you want your death to look like? Do you know what's possible? Care to? Read more →

"I'm Old Enough to Die"

This article is subtitled: "The Market for Wellness is more about Capitalism Than Prolonging Life" The material comes from a book called Natural Causes, by Barbara Ehrenreich. The article, itself, was written by Derek Beres. He's a fan of fat-shaming, though, so if you want to know more about him, you'll have to dig it out yourself. Won't be hard! :) A summary of the book from her website says,... Read more →

The Lessons of Asymmetry

A TGB Reader Story. (housekeeping note: this is 2 links; one to the TGB Home page, and one to the story specifically.) Ronni Bennett's readers are invited to submit their own stories to her blog for publication. This one is by Adele Frances. This was the quote that began her story: “There is little meaning in making a fuss. There is nothing else to do but say good-bye to the... Read more →

Ashes to Ashes, Stardust to Stardust

"Delivering cremated remains to the stratosphere joins a new list of ways to memorialize the dead." This is a light, slightly humorous, article about the new options to have your (or "your loved ones") cremains blasted into space. Well, not really space; just 100,000 ft. up into the stratosphere. Sooner or later, you'll fall back to earth. little rain drops or ice crystals according to the article. Not much... Read more →

Write Your Way to Emotional Resilience

Want to Be Emotionally Resilient? Science says do this From the article: "Do you worry a lot? Sometimes over things you absolutely can't control, so that worrying about them serves no practical purpose? Do you think you worry too much? Do you worry that all this worrying may not be good for you?" This article is about writing your worries. Maybe not daily, with no real rules, and with no... Read more →

September 13, 2019 ~ reading what we wrote - newbies

In old business we continued the discussion on how to assimilate new members. We do agree that we would like to grow a bit more, but we also have taken note of the increasing level of intimacy that exists in the group as it is now. We think that a social event outside of a Salon meeting might be a good way to accomplish this purpose, by letting newbies and... Read more →