HBO's "Alternate Endings" explores 6 the of the new ways to die in America.
September 27, 2019 ~ "Bright Minds"

Ending it Well: Missives from Inside the Death Wellness Movement

"The death wellness movement is about facing hard choices openly and mindfully. For author Leslie Krongold, this has been a very personal exploration."

This article by Leslie Krongold, Ed.P, was published in August of this year, and is pertinent to many of the things we talk about withing our group.
The article was suggested by Jessica in a comment on another post.

Ms. Krongold is writing about her own journey toward her, possibly soon, death, and began seeking similar information shortly after her mother's death.
She's now doing podcasts, and when I've found them, I'll link them. In the meantime, this is short, and helpful.


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