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Ashes to Ashes, Stardust to Stardust

"Delivering cremated remains to the stratosphere joins a new list of ways to memorialize the dead."

This is a light, slightly humorous, article about the new options to have your (or "your loved ones") cremains blasted into space.
Well, not really space; just 100,000 ft. up into the stratosphere. Sooner or later, you'll fall back to earth. ..in little rain drops or ice crystals according to the article.
Not much more than a Thousand Dollars.

It's also possible to go higher. A different company will take you higher, then blast your cremains (inside a capsule) up to 300,000ft. They don't tell you what THAT costs.
But, even that is not real space...even though Gene Roddenberry took that trip. He'll fall back in his capsule some day... I hope it's near a Space Port.

Some of this article is about trends in the funeral industry that are changing with our... what?  (our need to be "first on the block to.."?) ..aside is mine.

Elsewhere, you read this:
"People are becoming increasingly interested in how their physical remains, and the remains of their loved ones, will be handled.
They want something more personal and more personalized."

If you've not explored this subject, you might be surprised by some of the options available to you. Enjoy...


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