August 9, 2019 ~ Happy Healthy Dead
Memoir ~ an article by Kate H.

August 23, 2019 ~ Welcome Angie; Writing Memoirs; Other types of writing

We had 7 of us present for the meeting yesterday. 
We are happy to welcome Ang to the group; we spent a little time on introductions, and on covering a few of our 'rules' for her.
We also spent time on "Old" business, but I made no notes on that. Among things that came up, I remember suggesting that we have another social event; maybe the nerf ball battle opportunity at the new Mountain Adventure.  Got some smiles and nods; we'll see if we manifest that. :)

Kate H was our facilitator yesterday. The topic she presented was about Writing Our Memories/Memoirs. She recently attended a 3 session class on such writing through ENMU.
One of the first things she mentioned was an app called Audio Recorder. I may have written the title incorrectly, however, because I can't find the one that functions exactly as she described. What attracted me to the one she found is that it will produce a file on each recording that one can then manipulate. Cool!
I'll update this when I know the right app. But you will find TONS of them available if you look.  Let us know if you try one (or more) out.

Like others in the group yesterday, I was initially turned off when I read 'memoirs'. I couldn't be less interested in a chronological report of my life, and I could not write one, not remembering those years. But Kate shared a whole list of other approaches to writing of this kind. Some that I noted are these:
Chronological (of course)
Topical - as in vacations, or sports, etc.
Episodical - perhaps a memorable event such as a graduation or wedding or...
Focusing on an Object/Animal - choosing something important to us (individually) (as in Angela's bike)
Coming of Age/Coming Out stories - fairly obvious.
Spiritual Quests or Breakthroughs
Where/How I fit in my family - Frankly, I'm not sure if this was a method, or a subset of another category. Thought it was an interesting approach.

In the discussion around this, LB mentioned a book that she & her husband used some time ago, about Questions to Ask Yourself. I've capitalized that, but we don't know the real title yet. I've found some possibles, and if I can confirm any of them, I'll let you know.  And some of these books will end up in our Books list, because a couple of them are already interesting to me.  Might even be a way to start conversation in meetings!
And it seemed, to me at least, that the group in general was more positive about the possibilities of writing after we heard Kate's presentation of those different approaches or methods.

Days for Girls came up again (thanks NE). She has found/recruited a group of women in Carlsbad who are very interested in this volunteer opportunity. 
This page is all about the ways that people can help. This sounds to me like such a great project. I hope it will be one that we can embrace as a group. That will unfold as it does.

In closing business, NE had a great idea that some of us may implement before the next meeting. She suggests that we each write something (from any method or POV that draws you) to read to each other in the group next time (Sept. 13, 2019). Not everyone (mostly me) jumped on this idea, but we have agreed that most of us will attempt to comply.  :)
I will send out an extra reminder toward the end of next week to remind all of us of this idea.  Write or not as you are drawn.  Poetry, prose, songs, etc.  Enjoy!

If the writing/reading stuff does not fill the time, I will present the next topic. I have a couple in mind; one being Trust. 
See ya next time.



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