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July 2019

The Marvelous Emily Levine

I found Emily on TED Talks. She is linked on our "Links.." page. But this is a different different one and includes her voice reading a favorite poem called "You Can't Have It All...but There is This" by Barbara Ras. I hope you enjoy it. The poem is embedded in the article which comes from a blog authored by one of Emily's friends and titled Brain Pickings. Here's a direct... Read more →

July 12, 2019 ~ The Dinner and a Show

What a fun event. I suspect we'll do this, and other social things more often. One I've thought of is the Ropes Course in town! Or an afternoon during which we explore our trust issues with a series of games...? We watched Antonia's Line together, then discussed our thoughts about it over dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed both. We agreed that Antonia exemplified some of our own ideas of what makes... Read more →

Morning Routines; Do you have one?

I just came across this article from Insight Timer, an app I use and recommend. The app is available from both Google Play and in Apple's App Store. We have mentioned ritual or Practice or routines a time or two. This article explains some of the reasons that Morning Routines might be very useful and what is going on in our bodies when we first wake. Think cortisol and Circadian... Read more →

Can Digital Games Enhance Mobility and Social Interaction?

So it would seem. Check out Sophia's story. (reprinted here; the linked version includes photos and links to a few other stories you may find interesting.) "Over the first weeks of July 2016, a strange phenomenon started to unfold in many parts of the world. A mobile game went viral. Streets in Barcelona, Melbourne, Singapore and New York began to fill with hordes digital wayfaring as part of the augmented... Read more →

June 28, 2019 ~ Antonia's Line; Sleep; & Euthanasia

We did not make quorum for this meeting, but since we never established any guidelines for such stuff, we just carried on. Made decisions and everything! The business part of the meeting included talking about the film Antonia's Line that we will watch at our next meeting on July 12, 2019. As a group, we had not really thought through the idea of watching a film and trying to discuss... Read more →