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June 14, 2019 ~ Sleep

Another great meeting. I just LOVE this little sisterhood we're building!!

In new business this week, we shared a little energy with LB who was absent with an illness. We celebrated NE's absence because she's hosting grandchildren! And we missed NW and Jessica. NW is also hosting grandchildren. What a great way to spend time.  I'll just say, "Let us know if we should ship you some extra energy!!"  We miss Jessica most of the time; she's still a working woman, and one of us even in absentia.

(and in related news (that has nothing directly to do with us), I have a brand spanking new step-grand-nephew-in-law (?) as of 2:10 this morning June 15!!
His name is Jackson Beecher Fromhold; a name just a tiny bit bigger than he is. He lives in Georgia with his mom & dad.)

I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying this blog. I'm adding a new category for just fun stuff and will be posting videos (mostly) of fun and/or cool things other Olders do, or things WE could do... or whatever.  If you come across something you'd like to see here, just let me know; send a link...  

I shared some now-relieved anxiety over a doctor visit I had yesterday with a GI doc in Alamogordo. No need for details here, but the appointment was mostly very good news and quite encouraging.  
What I most came to see (AGAIN) is that worry and fear are usually needless activities that steal energy and waste time.  I think I get this lesson a little more clearly this time.   You All have permission to call me on it, if I slip in the future. :)

Kate H. facilitated our topic this week. She chose Sleep: lack of, too much, naps, medication, tips that help, dreams, anything remotely related. 
She began by reviewing our rules for sharing. I was glad about that....
and then later in the meeting I managed to break at least two of them: interrupting and advising!  Women, you can call me out on this stuff!! Really. And in the meantime, I apologize.

We had a lively discussion. Most of us, as most Olders, have noticed sleep patterns have changed over the years, and most feel that our sleep is inadequate or interrupted. Some of us nap; some of us don't. Irma is in the midst of getting treatment for Apnea. That will be useful knowledge since she is so willing to share.  When we talked about what we do when we wake or can't get to sleep, we found many similarities.  Several of us read, but agree that it needs to be boring material, not our favorite author or genre.  Some practice relaxation techniques of various kinds. One uses Melatonin now & then. Most, if not all of us, have one or more medications that we may use when all else fails or when the need to sleep is extra important...such as before a trip, or a worrisome activity. 
We talked a little about 'routine' in one's life. Most of us don't have one beyond keeping up with commitments to social, practical, or medical issues.
I'm including mention of Trazodone because it sounds quite effective (2-week period of adjustment to the drug), without any long term side-effects such as have been found with Ambien and its ilk. There is a ton of info on the web if you're curious.

When we felt we had exhausted the Sleep conversation, we switched to more fun things and planned a social outing or two.

First, the movie, Antonia's Line, has been shifted to be the feature of our July 12th meeting.

Second, our June 28th meeting has been shifted to run from 2:00-3:30 pm, in order to make it possible for some of us to hear The Secret Circus at the Hubbard Museum of the American West.  The door opens at 7:00 PM; show begins at 7:30pm. Tickets are $15 at the door and are for the show and the Museum. There will be a cash bar hosted by Lost Hiker Brewery. Ticket price benefits the Friends of the Museum and goes toward their educational goals.  Frankly, I'm not one of the 'rockers' in our group, so someone can just tell me about it.  :)

On July 4th, several of us will be going to The Women's Club in Carrizozo for music and food and to hear a band called Paul Pino and the Tone Daddies. Music starts at 5:00, BBQ brisket is on the menu.  Dinner starts at 4:00, music starts at 5:00. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

In closing chat, our resident technology maven told us about a program called Boot and Nuke for cleaning/removing data from computers or devices. It will Erase All Data. One should pay attention.  I'm checking with Revin that this link goes to the right product, and I will confirm that here when I know.

NOTE: Revin confirmed that the Boot & Nuke link is correct. I'll use it on Joel's computer one of these days and report.  Thanks, Revin.

That's it. See you next time



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