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Lines on the Face: an Essay

Wrinkles Lines on the face, tattoos of aging Life is proved upon the body Like needle-jabs from a blind machine The older one gets, the more one is conscious of aging. We can barely remember childhood innocence and exuberance. We are surprised by the youthful vitality and unmarked face when we see earlier photos of ourselves. When we look in the mirror, we reluctantly acknowledge the aging mask. It seems... Read more →

February 22, 2019 ~ First Meeting! Rules

Our First Meeting They will be held on 2nd and 4th Fridays at my house, from 3:00 to 4:30. We set a timer. We spent this meeting speaking about why I called for it. And why each answered the call. We're all interested in aging until we die, and we recognize that this is often tricky. We spent some time introducing ourselves to each other. We talked about possible Topics... Read more →

March 8, 2019 ~ Still very new; Pain mgmt

Our second meeting....still feeling our way NWH had attended a presentation on Opioid Addiction and shared some of what she learned. Several shared experiences they had had. Our group seems fairly well committed to avoiding those drugs already. Kate H. had attended a presentation on Pain Management and shared some of that talk with us. A couple of suggestions that we liked were journalling to track pain and identify patterns... Read more →

March 22, 2019 ~ What Matters Most

Early days; still. Not many notes. Kate facilitated our topic today, asking us What Matters Most, and What no longer Matters. NWH could not attend, but she texted her comments on the subject and I read that text at the meeting. Her comments struck most of us so I repeat them here: "...what matters to me is to have meditative/contemplative conversations with my body, spirit and soul to create a... Read more →

April 12, 2019 ~ Loss; housekeeping

Six of us were here today. We have an ongoing discussion regarding how big this group 'should' be. And we discovered that I had inadvertently left Kate off our email list! oops! Fixed! Some of us agreed that we would like to know the topic for discussion before we meet and some want a reminder of the meeting itself, since we meet on 2nd and 4th Fridays, instead of every... Read more →

April 26, 2019 ~ Looking Back - or not...

Kate H added 3 topics to our list. They are already in the Topics post of this blog, so I will not repeat them here. Jessica provided a link to Care Bearers, a transportation service organized by Creative Aging. To access this service, call 575-258-1730. I can't find a link to this service... Creative Aging was founded and is run by Clara Farah. NWH facilitated our topic this week, choosing... Read more →

Links to articles, videos, and anything else you can get to online

Articles: Finding Hope in Hopelessness Can Exercise Reverse the Aging Process What Doctors Don't Learn about Death and Dying When You Eat Can Be as Important as What You Eat The Invisibility of Older Women Will a US Adaptation Ruin Sebastian Lelio's Gloria? an article about invisibility of older women and Cultural Differences A New Luxury Retreat Caters to Elderly Workers in Tech Stop Telling Me That I Look Younger... Read more →

Books we've read or are considering..also an incomplete list

Being Mortal. A book and/or a video by Atul Gawande This Chair Rocks, a Manifesto on Ageism Book by Ashton Applewhite. Kicking the Bucket List by Gail Rubin Checklist for My Family by Sally Balch Hurme (an AARP title) Pussy: a Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer One of our members, Kate H., made this comment as she passed her copy on to the next reader: "The section “Sisterhood as Salvation” in... Read more →

Topics: an unfinished list

Users may add to this list at any time. Boundaries Ageism Pain management Depression management End of life decisions Financial challenges Hearing aids Euthanasia: an option? Assisted Living? Docs and meds: the good the bad and the ugly Regrets resolved? What matters now? What does not matter... topic of Last Meeting Sleep: do you get enough? tired? are naps ok? how much it too much? Adding new Topics July 1,... Read more →