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April 12, 2019 ~ Loss; housekeeping

April 26, 2019 ~ Looking Back - or not...

Kate H added 3 topics to our list.  They are already in the Topics post of this blog, so I will not repeat them here.

Jessica provided a link to Care Bearers, a transportation service organized by Creative Aging. To access this service, call 575-258-1730.
I can't find a link to this service...     Creative Aging was founded and is run by Clara Farah.

NWH facilitated our topic this week, choosing Looking Back...or Not, a discussion having to do with Regrets, among other things.
She shared with us this poem, Regrets in Growing Old, and had printed out separate verses and related questions that we read and discussed.
In general, we agreed that regrets were somewhat of a waste of time,
and that we might reframe thoughts about things we may regret by expanding our POV (point of view) and noticing
how the consequences of those very things  have added value to our lives.

Revin was not present, but we drafted her as the next facilitator on May 10th. Angela will back her up, if she rejects the draft! 

We will meet at Irma's house for the next meeting on May 10th.  Until I'm certain that this blog is private I won't post her address.

It was at this meeting, and after a short discussion about privacy issues, that I have added this blog called Itsa Village to our resources.


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